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PLEASE NOTE: These medicines are generic (unbranded) products and the packaging and/or manufacturer may vary from time to time

The all in one kit contains:
Cetirizine 10mg 30 Tablets for day time
Chlorphenamine 4mg 20 Tablets for Night time
Beclometasone Nasal Spray
Sodium Cromoglicate 10ml Eye Drops

Cetirizine 10mg antihistamine tablets are an excellent treatment for people suffering from hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis), perennial allergic rhinitis (a similar condition to hay fever caused by allergies, that continues throughout the year) and urticaria (swelling, redness and itchiness of the skin).

Chlorphenamine - For relief of Hayfever. Insect bites. Skin allergies. For the relief ofhayfever insect bites and skin allergies. The brand or manaufacturer ofmedicine will vary as is not necessarily that in the image.

Beclomethasone Nasal Spray is used in the prevention and treatment of common symptoms of allergic rhinitis, including hayfever and other airborne allergies, such as sneezing, blocked nose and runny or itchy nose and eyes.

Sodium Cromoglicate (sodium cromoglycate) 2% Allergy Eye Drops has an anti-inflammatory action in eyes affected by allergic conditions like hayfever. It reduces redness, soreness and itching when used regularly.

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