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Conceived originally to protect the skin from the ravages of wind and weather, Melrose is ideal for walkers, runners, joggers, cyclists, horse riders, sailers, cannoeists, gardeners, sportsmen and women, in fact anyone whos spends time exposed to the elements and can be invaluable for treating chapped skin and cracked and sore lips etc etc.

Melrose is made using only trusted, traditional ingredients, and is scented with lemongrass oil for a pleasant aroma.

Melrose has become popular over the years for its soothing properties and as an effective treatment for inflamed, sore, flakey and rough skin, foot problems, painful split heels and for softening hard skin. It has also proven effective for the relief of eczema.

Common uses for Melrose:
chapped lips
lip gloss
keeping skin on the elbows and feet soft
sandle sore feet
as a moisturiser for acne sufferers
as a night cream
help prevent chaffing

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