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Beconase Aqueous Nasal Spray

What is Beconase?

Beconase is a nasal spray used to treat rhinitis symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing and blocked noses, which present in hayfever and other allergic reactions. It contains 50 micrograms of a corticosteroid called Beclometasone.

How does Beconase work?

Beclometasone helps provide relief from allergy symptoms by reducing inflammation. Inflammation comes as a result of allergens triggering an immune system response. This causes an inflammatory action which quickly brings on hay fever symptoms. Beconase provides relief by working right where the problems starts in the nose. The corticosteroid action quickly brings relief from allergy symptoms by decreasing the immune system’s response to allergens.

Using Beconase

Adults aged 18 should use two sprays into each nostril every morning and evening to control symptoms.

You should not use more than a maximum of 8 sprays in a 24 hour period. You will get some relief quickly however the full effect can take up to 7-14 days of continued use. This medicine will work best if taken on a regular basis. If you experience seasonal allergies, it is recommended to begin treatment in the month leading up to the allergy season so the medicine is at its most effective when it’s required.


Beconase is a widely used and effective rhinitis treatment however every patient can respond differently to medication. If you find that Beconase is not effective for you, you may want to try Dymista or another alternative treatment.

Patient Information Leaflet

Click below to read the Patient information leaflet for Beconase Aqueous Nasal Spray:

Beconase Aqueous Nasal Spray