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Dry Eye Treatment


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Applying a heated eye mask or warm cloth* to closed eyelids for 10 minutes, can help soften the clogged oils in the eyelid glands. This allows the oils to flow more freely and helps prevent the tears from evaporating from the surface of the eye.

Following the heated eye mask, gently massage the eyelids using your forefinger. Massaging will help to push the oil out from the eyelid glands.



While lid scrubs using diluted baby shampoo applied by swab or cotton bud have been the most widely recommended method, there are newer, more effective methods of managing lid hygiene. Commercially available lid scrubs, wipes and foams can help remove debris, bacteria and oil from the eyelids. Lid scrubs and wipes are usually pre-soaked in a cleansing solution and ready to use. Using preservative free methods where possible is recommended, as the long-term use of preservatives can be harmful to the ocular surface.



Eye Care Professionals recommend the use of preservative free eye lubricants and sprays which have shown to be more effective than preserved eye drops or ointments in reducing inflammation on the eyes. Tear replacement with eye drops, sprays or ointments are traditionally considered a mainstay of DED management, however it is recommended that they are used in conjunction with other therapies to target the underlying causes of dry eyes.



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