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ClearZal BAC nail solution is used to treat infections of the nailscaused by fungi, bacteria or viruses. These types of infections areoften difficult to eradicate, because the nails are hard and difficultto penetrate and take a long time to grow as new healthy tissue. Kills germs that may cause infections - Works on theskin around and under nail edge.The complete nail systemdramatically improves hard to treat, unsightly infections withthe healing properties of Aloe. This clinically tested germ-killingsolution has a unique formula that penetrates to the site ofinfection. The Clearzal B-A-C system includes a nail file toremove damaged tissue and enhance therapy. You may see noticeableimprovement in weeks, and dramatic results in two months for fingers,andfour months for toes. It'twait, start your ClearZal B-A-C therapy now, and be rid of anyunsightly problems at a fractions of the cost of prescriptiontreatments. One bottle will treat 2 - 3 nails for two to three months. Directions.- File the nail.- Clean nail and skin.-Apply to the nail area.- Allow to dry or massage into nail andsurrounding skin.- Use twice daily around the entire nail andunder free edge.

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