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BecoCleanse® Plus with its natural composition, helps to restore nasal breathing. Mineral richness that makes all the difference.
- Thanks to a specific production process, BecoCleanse® Plus preserves the richness of minerals and trace elements of the seawater.
- BecoCleanse® Plus is made of 100% seawater.
- BecoCleanse® Plus does not impair the functioning of nasal mucosa.
Why Choose BecoCleanse® Plus?
BecoCleanse® Plus helps to wash away germs and dust. 100% natural, preservative free, BecoCleanse® Plus does not have habit forming effect.
- Safe for use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
- 100% natural
- Proven efficacy
- Nasal tip specially adapted and no propellant gas: respects nasal fossae anatomy.
BecoCleanse® Plus effectively cleanses nasal passages and helps to restore nasal breathing.
BecoCleanse® Plus relieves nasal congestion and reduces nasal swelling due to colds, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis.
It helps to speed the resolution of nasal symptoms associated with colds or allergic rhinitis (dust, pets, pollen allergies).
Congestion Relief
Cold Relief
Scientifically Proven
+ Relief for Blocked Nose
Helps relieve nasal congestion from colds & sinusitis
Speeds up relief of nasal symptoms
Helps eliminate nasal viruses, bacteria & allergens
100% Sea Water
Sterile and preservatives free
Gas propellant free

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