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SilDerm™ Scar Gel - clinically proven to not only prevent but can repair the unsightly scars caused by surgical operations, trauma injury, wounds or burns.

Routinely used by plastic surgeons to repair severe scarring, Scar Gel is a light, odour-free, quick drying silicone gel, and an ideal treatment for people to use at home to reduce and improve the appearance of both old and new scars.

Medical studies have proven that silicone flattens, softens and smooths scar tissue. It also dramatically reduces the redness and relieves the itching and discomfort often associated with scars.

Scar Gel works by bonding to the outer layer of the skin providing a protective barrier against chemical, physical and microbial contamination of the scar site. The gel dries rapidly to form an ultra thin gas permeable and waterproof silicone membrane, which allows the skin underneath to breath, and the scar to mature naturally through normal collagen synthesis. It leaves no residue on the skin so makeup and sunscreen creams can be applied normally.

Scar Gel is safe for use in the hair and on all skin colours and types including people with sensitive skin and children. Depending upon the age and condition of the scar, the recommended initial treatment period is 60-90 days and it can be applied immediately after stitches have been removed and the wound has been closed.

How Scars are Formed?

Scars are usually formed from a trauma or injury. This can be the result of surgery, a burn or an accident. Anything that causes the skin to break will cause a scar, and in some people the scars will get better. In a large proportion of people, the scars will remain red and raised and these need to be treated with a safe effective product that is clinically proven to work.

Some people heal slower than others and they are more likely to get scars. If the scar is still red and raised after 2 weeks then SilDerm™ Scar Gel should be used to reduce the redness and flatten the scars.

If you know that you scar easily or have a family member that scars then you should use SilDerm™ Scar Gel as soon as the skin has healed. Early use has been clinically proven to prevent scar formation.

What is SilDerm™ Scar Gel?

SilDerm™ Scar Gel is a unique blend of naturally occurring silicones. Silicone has been clinically proven in numerous studies to reduce the redness of scars, flatten scars and minimise the pain and itchiness. SilDerm™ Scar Gel’s silicone ingredients works and Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists support the use of silicone in the management of scars. SilDerm™ Scar Gel is an easy to apply product that dries quickly to form a barrier that helps heal the scar.

Why is SilDerm™ Scar Gel used by Physicians?

SilDerm™ Scar Gel is widely used to treat and prevent scars by Physicians. Physicians choose a product based upon the evidence that is available to prove that it works and it is safe. The components of SilDerm™ Scar Gel have been extensively researched and they are known to have a good or very good effect in about 80% of patients.

What should I expect with SilDerm™ Scar Gel?

SilDerm™ Scar Gel will take about three months to work, on the majority of scars but some results should be seen after about two weeks. The scar will flatten and the redness start to get lighter. The larger the scar, or the older the scar, the longer it will take so keep using SilDerm™ Scar Gel until you stop seeing an improvement.

Will SilDerm™ Scar Gel work on old scars?

There is good evidence that SilDerm™ Scar gel is effective against old scars, sometimes up to 20 years old. If the scar is red and raised then you should try SilDerm™ Scar Gel. If it is flat, indented or white rather than red and raised, then SilDerm™ Scar gel will have little effect.

How long should I use SilDerm™ Scar Gel?

You should use SilDerm™ Scar Gel for a minimum of 3 months, or until you stop seeing an improvement. Larger scars, burn scars and older scars may take longer.

How much SilDerm™ Scar Gel should I use?

SilDerm™ Scar Gel is most effective when a thin layer is applied over the scar. This will ensure that the scar is healed as quickly as possible and dries quickly.

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