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Thealoz Duo UD – 30 Units

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Thealoz Duo UD 30

Introducing Thealoz Duo UD 30, a cutting-edge solution for optimal eye care. These preservative-free, single-dose eye drops are designed to provide unparalleled relief and hydration for dry and irritated eyes.

Formulated with a unique combination of trehalose and sodium hyaluronate, Thealoz Duo UD 30 offers a dual-action approach to alleviate discomfort and promote long-lasting moisture. Trehalose protects the ocular surface, while sodium hyaluronate ensures a stable and soothing environment for your eyes.

The convenient single-dose vials make it easy to administer the eye drops on the go, ensuring that your eyes stay refreshed and comfortable throughout the day. Whether you're experiencing occasional dryness or looking for ongoing eye care, Thealoz Duo UD 30 is the ideal choice.

Key Features:

  • Preservative-free
  • Dual-action formula with trehalose and sodium hyaluronate
  • Provides long-lasting relief for dry and irritated eyes
  • Convenient single-dose vials for on-the-go use

Elevate your eye care routine with Thealoz Duo UD 30. Experience the difference in comfort and hydration with every application.

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