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Samaritan Olive Oil 185ml


What Is Samaritan Olive Oil?

Care Olive Oil (Samaritan) One of the most common complaints seen by GPs is a blocked ear, usually caused by wax that has been pushed into the ear by a cotton bud. As well as the blocked sensation, waxy ears can reduce hearing, cause a ringing sound (tinnitus) and, occasionally, pain. There's also no need to dry ears with a towel, cotton buds or tissue paper. Let them dry naturally or gently use a hair-drier on low heat. Olive Oil can help to soften the wax and enable it to come out.  100% Pure Refined Olive Oil.


How To Use Samaritan Olive Oil

Insert the closed glass dropper bottle containing the oil into a cup of warm water for two minutes. Dry the container and insert one-drop of oil onto your hand to ensure that it is not too hot. If you feel the oil is too hot wait for it to cool prior to commencing. The correct temperature of the oil should be 37C. Alternatively, for the oil to reach body temperature (37C) place the bottle in a pocket of your clothing currently being worn for 20 to 30 minutes. Holding the prepared dropper bottle lie on a bed with the affected ear towards the ceiling. With one hand pull the top of your ear upwards and outwards to straighten the ear canal. Placing the filled dropper part of the bottle of oil over the entrance to your ear canal and squeeze the dropper until one drop (or the amount specified by your nurse) is instilled. Maintain that position for five minutes. Wipe the excess drops that pool outside the ear when you sit up. Do not insert cotton wool into the entrance of the ear canal as this will absorb the drops. If the drops are to be inserted into both ears, repeat steps two to four on the opposite side.

Always read the label before use