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Frador 3.5ml for Ulcers And Gum Sores

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Frador provides immediate effective relief.It soothes pain and helpsthe healing process.;Seals the ulcer from saliva which protects itfrom further infection and therefore inflammation of the wound site. Antibacterial and antifungal properties assist and help speed up thebodys natural healing processes, thus helping to prevent a secondaryinfection.Used and trusted by mouth ulcer sufferers for over 40 yearsand has a pharmaceutical product licence in the UK GSL.Non-steroidalremedy made from entirely natural ingredients and is safe to use withoutany side-effects.Many mouth ulcer remedies require application using afinger or small brush.This is an inaccurate means of application,causing possible cross infection of the ulcer and risking productcontamination.Frador is supplied with six cotton buds to help you coatthe ulcer site with the correct amount of medicine, therefore reducingthe risk of dirty fingers or brushes causing cross infection.

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