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NeilMed NasoGel Spray 30ml

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Drip Free Gel Spray No Mess. Easy Applicator.NeilMed NasoGel Drip-Free Gel Spray is a long-lasting solution for drynoses.It consists of a water-soluble saline gel, which helps tomoisturise and soothe dry nasal passages.Thanks to its easy-to-usespray applicator and its non-runny gel formulation, NeilMed NasoGelDrip-Free Gel Spray will not drip out of the nose and cause mess.Quickand comfortable to apply, the gel will effectively hydrate the nose,relieving irritation and other unpleasant factors associated with drynasal passages.It’s great for dealing with the dryness caused byindoor heat, dry climates, nose bleeds and the common cold