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Permethrin 5% Cream 30g

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Permethrin 5% w/w Cream - For the treatment of scabies. Cream for topical application to the skin. Popular brands of Permethrin Cream include Lyclear Dermal Cream. Directions for Use: Adults, the elderly and children over 12: up to one tube (30g). children 6 to 12 years: up to half a tube (15g). Children 1 to 5 years: up to a quarter of a tube (7.5g). Children 2 months to 1 year: up to an eighth of a tube (3.75g). Apply over whole body except face and head in adults and children over 2 years. In the elderly and children between 2 months and 2 years, apply over whole body including face and head. Wash off thoroughly 8-12 hours later. Repeat once if necessary after 7 days. Children under 2 years should only be treated under the supervision of a doctor. Ingredients: PERMETHRIN, CETYLSTEARYL ALCOHOL, PARAFFIN HARD, CETOMACROGOL 1000, ISOPROPYLMYRISTATE, BENZYL ALCOHOL AND PURIFIED WATE

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