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4Head Quickstrip 4 Strips

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* Fast, dual action relief for whenever headache or migraine strike* Can be used with or without oral medication* Formulated with natural levomenthol* Instantly cooling and soothing* No need to refrigerate* Leaves no visible residue* Can be cut to size* Make sure the skin is dry before applying the Quickstrip, and avoid contact with hair, clothing and fabrics (otherwise the strip will not stick very well).* Open the re-sealable sachet by carefully cutting or tearing it where indicated at the top.* Remove one 4head Quickstrip then fold the top of the sachet twice to reseal it (and prevent the remaining strip from drying out).* Remove and discard the transparent film from the back of the strip.* Apply strip and use for as long as needed.* For best results, use each strip only once.-for all age groups of 12 years and above- can be used during pregnancy and breast-feeding