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Freederm Gel 25g

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Clinically proven. Effectively reduces inflammation. For mild to moderate inflamed acne and spots. Clinically active vitamin B complex. Contains nicotinamide 4% w/w. A cooling translucent, fragrance-free topical gel containing nicotinamide - a proven anti-inflammatory treatment for inflamed acne and spots in all age groups (adults, children and the elderly). Acne is a skin disorder that occurs mainly on the face, back and chest. it affects a high proportion of both sexes.The early stages of acne often involve blackheads and whiteheads. These can develop into red or inflamed pimples or spots.Acne is not caused by eating too many sweets, chocolate or fatty foods (although healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle is good for your general health). Neither is it caused by not washing properly. Try to avoid picking or severely squeezing your spots because this can make matters worse and lead to scarring.Apply the gel twice daily over and around the affected skin. The area should be washed first and gently patted dry before applying a thin layer of the gel and gently massaging in. Do not use if you are allergic to nicotinamide or any of the other ingredients and make sure it is applied only to the skin. When using it on your face, keep it away from your eyes and avoid applying it inside your nostrils, on your lips or inside your mouth. We advise test the gel on a small area if you have not used it before, waiting 24 hours to ensure there is no allergic reaction, before using on a larger area. Although there are no known problems with using Freederm during pregnancy, caution should be exercised as with any medication, particularly in the first three months. Ask your doctor or pharmacist and always read the enclosed leaflet before use.

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