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Slow-Sodium 600mg – Pack of 100 Tablets

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Slow sodium tablets contain the active ingredient sodium chloride, which is a salt that is normally found dissolved in the body fluids. Sodium chloride is important in regulating the pressure and flow of fluids between the blood and tissues of the body. It is also important for normal nerve and muscle function. Low sodium levels in the body can result in muscle cramps, dehydration and low blood pressure. In some long-term conditions, for example ulcerative colitis or kidney disease, excessive sodium chloride is lost from the body. Haemodialysis for kidney failure removes sodium from the blood and can cause muscle cramps during the treatment. Sodium chloride is also lost from the body in urine and sweat. Sodium chloride tablets are used to replace sodium lost from the body and thereby return sodium chloride levels to normal. This helps reverse the symptoms of sodium depletion.

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