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Senokot Tablets 20 Tablets

What are Senokot Tablets? Senokot tablets provide gentle, overnight relief from occasional constipation which may be associated with travel, stress, or dietary changes. Senokot can be taken at bedtime and generally helps relieve symptoms in 6-12 hours. How to take Senokot New users should start with the lowest dose and increase it to the maximum if necessary.
  • Once regularity has been regained dosage should be reduced and stopped.
  • Adults, the elderly and children 12 years and over: Swallow one to two tablets at night.
  • Do not exceed the stated dose
Duration of use Normally it is sufficient to take this medicinal product up to two to three times a week. Not to be used for more than one week. Tell a doctor, pharmacist or nurse if:
  • the symptoms worsen or persist during the use of the medicinal product.
  • there is no bowel movement within 3 days of use.
  • you need to take laxatives every day if abdominal pain persists.

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Please use our pharmacist consultation to ensure you are eligible for the medication

  • (Please describe typical symptoms even if you are not currently suffering from them)
  • Please note that if you have selected yes and do not provide more details, we will be unable to process your order until our pharmacist has contacted you.