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Canesflor Probiotics for Vaginal Use – 10 Vaginal Capsules

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The vagina contains a natural balance of microorganisms which help keep the physiological environment in the vagina. This balance of microorganisms is known as vaginal flora. Lactobacilli make up the majority of vaginal flora. Many factors can disrupt the level of lactobacilli in the vagina including antibiotics, hormonal changes and lifestyle factors (e.g. tight clothing, synthetic underwear or washing with harsh soaps and shower gels in the intimate area) which can cause vaginal infections. Maintaining an optimal level of lactobacilli in the vagina is important to help protect against vaginal infections as lactobacilli create a protective barrier over the walls of the vagina, and help to maintain an optimal pH. If you suffer from repeated vaginal infections (e.g. recurrent thrush), you can help to prevent the recurrence of the infection by also using Canesflor as soon as you finish your appropriate medication (i.e. next day).   What is Canesflor? Canesflor Probiotics for Vaginal Use contains Lactobacillus plantarum P 17630, a probiotic strain characterised and selected for its capability to adhere to the vaginal mucosa and protect against vaginal infections, such as thrush and bacterial vaginosis. Canesflor is therefore able to help prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms and protect against vaginal infections.   How to use Canesflor? Insert one capsule deeply into the vagina while lying on your back, in the evening before going to sleep. To facilitate insertion, you can slightly moisten the capsules.