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Epitact Bunion Protector Small (CLR)

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The EPITACT® bunion protector aims to prevent and relieve painful conflicts between the shoe and the bunion while walking. Sometimes, bunions are so painful that wearing shoes can turn very uncomfortable, even if the bump is small or barely noticeable. Indeed, when walking, the bunion suffers repeated pressure and rubbing against the shoe, which can cause a lot of discomfort. In some advanced deformities, the forefoot has a triangular shape which makes wearing shoes as difficult as painful. In those cases, inserting a special protection between your shoe and your bunion can help relieve pain. And this is exactly what the EPITHELIUM 26® silicone gel integrated to the EPITACT® bunion protector does best! This patented pad of just 1 mm thick on the bunion area provides effective cushioning, comfort and pain relief. Laboratory tested and approved, it has excellent skills to distribute pressure and stop rubbing on the skin.