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Profoot Gel Max Heel Cushions Mens 1 Pair (CLR)

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Anti-fatigue heel cushions provide all-day comfort for your feet, no matter the level of activity they endure. Giving you relief from plantar fasciitis, knee, or back pain. The advanced gel and PORON® design cushion every step, helping to relieve heel, knee, and lower back pain associated with foot impact and heel strike. Our heel cushion is clinically proven to reduce pressure and shock, making it a versatile solution to your foot discomfort. Gel Max Heel Cushions feature an extra-thick PORON® center for superior comfort and to prevent the build-up of hard skin on your heels. Plus, the ribbed design provides massaging action and heel protection. PORON® Technology cellular urethanes are lightweight and offer exceptional cushioning and shock absorption. In side-by-side drop weight tests, PORON® Materials outperformed all other gel and foam-based materials, making them a superior choice for cushioning against impact.