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Glandex Hygienic Anal Gland Wipes – 75 Wipes

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Glandex® is an all natural supplement specifically designed for anal gland problems in dogs and cats. It helps to improve the consistency of your pet's stools and is formulated with other key ingredients to support normal anal gland function. When used regularly along with a high quality diet, Glandex® helps to support normal anal gland function and keeps your pet healthy and comfortable. It's Time to Leave Your Pets Anal Gland Problems Behind. Glandex® was created by vets specifically for this problem. Glandex® targets all of the underlying causes of anal gland problems. Glandex works in multiple ways from the inside out to keep the anal glands healthy. Glandex's patented formula uses a unique fiber blend to support bulky and firm stools to assist the natural emptying of the anal glands every time your pet defecates. Other key ingredients including omega fatty acids also help support a healthy inflammatory response and maintain normal histamine levels in pets with seasonal allergies. Glandex also contains probiotics and digestive enzymes to support a healthy digestive tract, which in turn supports healthy anal gland function. SUPPORTS ANAL GLAND HEALTH & PROPER HYGIENE - Convenient for daily hygiene, can be use all over body on paws, coat, face, ears, & anal area DEODORIZING & FRESH SCENT - Contains natural DeoPlex enzyme to help eliminate unpleasant anal gland odors VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED - For anal gland odor & health, used by professional groomers & vets after emptying anal glands WITH ALOE, VITAMIN E, MOISTURIZERS & SKIN CONDITIONERS - To help soothe & restore the area, Made in USA ULTRA SOFT & DURABLE CLOTH - Gentle for sensitive areas yet tough enough for difficult odors & mess