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Lypex Pancreatic Enzyme 60 Sprinkle Capsules

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Lypex Pancreatic Enzyme Capsules are a top quality, veterinary grade, pancreatic supplement that have been specially developed for the control, management and support of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, irritable bowel syndrome, brush border enzyme deficiencies and bile salt deficiencies. Through quality nutrition, the effects of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency can be mitigated and managed. The enzyme ingredients in Lypex granules have a special enteric coating, which protects them from stomach acid when swallowed. More of the active enzyme reaches the intestine where it can be effective. This has been clinically proven to produce better weight gain in dogs with pancreatic insufficiency than using a powdered, non-coated form of the enzyme. Capsules should be opened and the contents sprinkled onto the food. Composition Pancreatin, Gelatin. Analytical constituents (%w/w) Crude Ash - 10.8 Crude Fibre - 0.2 Crude Oil - 0.2 Crude Protein - 72.0 Additives (pr kg) Mixture of flavouring compounds - 156,000mg Feeding instructions Capsules are opened and the contents added to food. DO NOT ADMINISTER WHOLE! For cats and dogs under 10kg, 1 capsule per day. For dogs over 10kg, 2 capsules per day. The total daily amount should be divided equally between feeds. It should be sprinkled and mixed in with the food. Pancreatic enzyme levels Each Lypex capsule contains minimum levels of pancreatic enzymes: Lipase 30,000 - Ph. Eur. U Amylase 18,750 - Ph. Eur. U Protease 1200 - Ph. Eur. U Uses An aid for Malassimilation Syndrome in Dogs Malassimilation syndromes in dogs and cats are well recognised by the veterinary profession; exocrine pancreatic insufficiency , irritable bowel syndrome, brush border enzyme deficiencies and bile salt deficiencies. These disturbances of pancreas or intestine wal function result in a decrease in digestive and absorptive abilities. Treatment of Pancreas Insufficiency or Malassimilation syndromes Diagnosis of the primary cause of malassimilation and appropriate treatment is essential in all cases. Studies show for example that the occurrence of pancreas insufficiency correlates with the level of functional impairment of the pancreas. Importantly, clinical signs of insufficiency appear only below a residual functional tissue of about 10-20%. In the case of pancreatic insufficiency enzyme supplementation is generally the only course of action. Unfortunately in the majority of the cases this alone is not sufficient, as animals require long-term therapy to manage the condition for the rest of their lives. This will require feeding a highly digestible carbohydrate meal with low fat, high protein content. This combination ensures improved digestion and absorption of food, directly improving the overall health and body weight of the individual. Occasionally other supportive therapy is required (for instance insulin in diabetics or steroids in inflammatory bowel diseases).