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OcuVance Eye Supplement Tablets for Cats & Dogs 30 Tablets

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Specific antioxidant complexes support the normal function and appearance of the eye. Maintaining lens and retinal function. Particularly useful in older pets. OcuVance is formulated to provide an antioxidant complex supporting and maintaining the health of eyes. The tablets are rich in lutein which is a xanthophyll pigment found within the eye. Additionally they contain anthocyanosides derived from bilberry extract which is a potent antioxidant. The formulation is further complemented by Vitamins C and E as well as added zinc and selenium. OcuVance is presented in packs of 30 scored tablets that will be sufficient for a one month supply for the average sized dog. COMPOSITION 1) Lutein Xanthophyll pigment from the carotenoid family naturally present within eye’s crystalline lens and retina.Antioxidant and blue light absorption properties. 2) Anthocyanidin extracts from blueberries Powerful antioxidant. Support of blood vessels and supply. Involved in production of rhodopsin. 3) Vitamin C Assists “mopping up” free radicals. 4) Vitamin E Neutralise free radicals. Support against UV light absorbtion. 5) Selenium and zinc Selenium: trace element precursor of an antioxidant, the glutathione.Zinc: indispensable trace element which intervenes in the immunological processes. Feeding guidelines: Cat,Dog <10kg – ½ tablet daily Dog 10kg-25kg – 1 tablet daily Dog 25kg-40kg – 1½ tablet daily Dog >40kg – 2 tablets daily