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Peptivet Oto Gel for Cats & Dogs 25ml

EUDERMIC OTOLOGICAL GEL FOR DOGS & CATS Peptivet Oto Gel contains the patented synthesised antimicrobial peptide AMP2041, a new innovation in veterinary topicals, which has been specifcally developed to help veterinary practices manage their dermatology cases responsibly. Antimicrobial Peptides are short chain amino acids which have a broad spectrum activity and work quickly. They can help in the management of a variety of skin and ear disorders. Peptivet Oto Gel contains the key ingredients: AMP2041 *(peptide) is an innovative, patented, specially selected, synthesised antimicrobial peptide which works by disturbing and perforating the bacterial cell membrane. Chlorhexidine Digluconate (0.07%) has an antibacterial and antifungal action which is not inactivated by pus or organic material. Chlorhexidine works synergistically with the other ingredients, enabling very low levels to be used. TrisEDTA enhances the permeability of the bacterial membrane and potentiates chlorhexidine and other antibacterial agents. Vitamin PP (Niacinamide – also known as Vitamin B3 or niacin); Zinc PCA and Glycerophosphoinositol Lysine work together to reduce redness, soothe irritation and moisturise the ear. Peptivet Oto Gel helps to improve the physiological state of the skin, counteract irritation and helps restore the skin barrier. Applied only three times per week so helps improve client complience. • 1pump = 0.5ml which means that it is well tolerated and easy for the client to apply. • Available in 25ml pack. HOW TO USE: After cleaning the ear canal, apply Peptivet Oto Gel into the ear canal every 48 hours as follows: • 1 pump for cats • 2 pumps for small to medium size dogs • 3 pumps for large size dogs