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Canestest Self-Test For Vaginal Infections 1 Swab

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Canestest is an easy to use self-test which helps to diagnose common vaginal infections and helps you in selecting the right treatment. Canestest is clinically proven to work within seconds by a change of colour and with more than 90% accuracy. Canestest is easy to use and allows you to accurately diagnose the nature of your vaginal infection in the comfort of your own home in 3 easy steps;
  • Unwrap the Canestest swab and make sure the swab tip does not come into contact with anything before you insert it into your vagina.
  • Hold the Canestest swab by the handle and insert the yellow tip into your vagina, rotate the swab and then remove.
  • After 10 seconds check the tip of the Canestest swab to see if the colour has stayed the same or changed to blue / green.
By combining the results of the swab with the symptoms table provided on the pack, you should receive an accurate indication regarding the nature of your vaginal infection.

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