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Durex Extra Safe – Pack of 6 Condoms

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6 slightly thicker condoms with extra lube. Slightly thicker natural rubber latex condoms. Easy-on shaped and teat ended. Transparent with extra lube. Nominal width: 56mm. Durex QUALITY. Durex condoms don't just meet worldwide quality standards, they exceed them. Thats why millions of people across the world trust Durex every day. WORLD'S NO.1 CONDOM BRAND. Durex is the world's leading condom brand with over 75 years of quality experience. EASY-ON SHAPE. Durex easy-on condoms are specially shaped to be easier to put on and more comfortable to wear. SMELLS BETTER. The special way we make our condoms means they smell better. 100% electronically tested. There comes a time in just about every man’s relationships and adventures when he wants to feel more secure, more in control, more safe. That is why the Durex Extra Safe Condoms were designed. They are slightly thicker and extra lubricated to provide that additional measure of confidence and reassurance. Easy-on, these condoms are uniquely shaped to enhance comfort and provide the reassurance you need. Having a coral color and reservoir tip, the Extra Safe is made from hypo allergenic natural rubber latex. This is the most popular Durex condom in the latex range. With a length of 8.07” (205 mm), the base is 56 mm in width for a super snug fit. The width at the base of the head is 52 mm, and the width at the head is 63 mm. The thickness is .08 mm for added protection. Men who regularly use this condom say that because of the design the condom stays in place and even with the additional layer of thickness, it allows for incredible sensitivity. These men found the Durex Extra Safe Condom to be priced right and add that they are pleased that they can withstand more vigorous use without breaking.