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The Goat Skincare Range

The Goat Skincare Range


This natural ingredient has stood the test of time and has been used for centuries. The tradition of this natural component as a staple skincare ingredient has become even more popular as the natural alternative to assist with irritated skin conditions and continues to provide our skin with moisture and hydration, which in turn may relieve your skin from dryness, itchiness or irritations caused by these sensitivities. 

Even Cleopatra was known to bathe in goat’s milk!

Goats milk has a Ph level very close to that of the human skin. Its naturally enriched with lactic acid which may assist in the break down of dead skin cells caused by sensitive skin conditions, its also high in natural vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins, higher levels than those found in cows milk. By eliminating harsh ingredients, parabens and sulphates we allow for the goodness of Australian fresh goat’s milk to gently and effectively work on our skin. The way it has for hundreds of years!

The Goats Skincare range is suitable for all ages, including pregnant women and all skin types. The Goat Skincare has been part of the daily skincare ritual for many Australian families for the past 5 years, it’s their success and loyalty to our brand which has opened the doors for The Goat Skincare to go global! Now rapidly expanding to countries all around the world!

The formula has been created with over 150 years manufacturing experience and tradition.To bring you a reputable, gentle skincare suitable for everyone in the family to help sensitive skin issues.

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The Goat Skincare Soap Bar with Lemon Myrtle - 100g
The Goat Skincare Body Wash with Lemon Myrtle - 500ml

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