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Its important not to ignore changes in your vagina scent and seek advice from your GP or Pharmacist if you do.

Something Fishy

Noticing changes with your vagina scent and discharge can be a daunting and worrying experience, but it is important not to ignore it. These are common issues many women face and should not make you feel embarrassed.

Your vagina has its own individual scent and there is usually nothing to worry about if this is noticeable – to a degree. Every vagina has good and bad bacteria. There is no ‘normal’ amount of bacteria as shown in studies; each woman has their own ‘normal’ amount. Like the gut, if the bad bacteria overpowers the good bacteria this is when an infection occurs.

You may from time to time notice the scent being stronger than usual particularly after a gym session, sexual intercourse or if you have recently made changes to your diet. These are usually harmless and may show your body is functioning normally.

However, if you notice changes to the amount, colour, smell or consistency of your discharge then this may be a cause for concern. Below are 5 signs you should look out for and the widely available treatments you can purchase over the counter from a pharmacy.

Very Strong Fishy Smell – Bacterial Vaginosis (aka BV)

BV is most likely to occur in those of childbearing age (15-44). It is not sexually transmitted yet having BV can increase your risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

The cause for the infection is not known as to why it arises yet that it is due to an imbalance of naturally occurring bacteria in the vagina. Symptoms may include an excess in discharge, burning sensation when urinating and a strong fishy smell.

CanestestYou can check if you have BV in the comfort of your own home by purchasing a self-testing kit for infections called Canestest. If you do have BV the test will indicate so and provides some information on how to acquire treatment. You can purchase treatment for BV from a pharmacy such as Canesflor Probiotics, a vaginal pessary to clear up the infection. Balance Activ also has a range of products to eliminate the infection, to neutralise vaginal odour and relieve discomfort.



Musky Smell – Sweating

Sweat causes odour as we are all aware and it can’t be helped, especially after a workout, on a hot day or even wearing tight underwear. It is normal to sweat around your vagina as it has thousands of sweat glands although, if you feel there is a musky smell before or even after washing there are products available to thoroughly cleanse the area without using perfumes and upsetting your vagina’s PH balance.

Vagisil Ultra Fresh Intimate WashVagisil Ultra Fresh Intimate Wash can be used every day and can prevent odour from happening. You can also use Vagisil Ultra Fresh Intimate Powder which absorbs moisture and helps prevent perspiration. Be aware that if the muskiness stays with you after trying to treat it and/or if your discharge becomes discoloured or bloody then you should visit your GP as this may be signs of an STD or STI.




Chlorine / Bleach Smell (Sensitive to Ingredients)

If you are practising safe sex with condoms or using sexual enhancements such as lubricants and gels you may notice an odour that can resemble the smell of chlorine or bleach in your intimate area. This is completely normal, as your vagina has its own cleaning regime, when interfered with, it can be a little irritating.

Yes Water Based LubricantThe Yes Water Based Lubricant range has pure and natural, plant base products which are also all organic. Whether you use them for pleasure or for help with vaginal dryness they are also safe to use with condoms.





Durex Latex FreeIf you or your partner is allergic to latex then Durex Latex Free Condoms are a comfortable alternative. They are made from a material called polyisoprene which is thinner than latex but still strong.





Yeasty, Bread like Smell – Candida (aka Thrush)

Thrush is the most common bacteria imbalance of the vagina affecting 70%-75% of women in their lifetime. Thrush can occur because of natural bacteria in the vagina has become disrupted for example if you are or have recently been on antibiotics, have taken hormones (e.g. contraceptive pill) or steroids. Physicality’s can attribute to the infection of thrush for instance a weakened immune system due to cancer treatment, iron deficiency or those who are pregnant. Symptoms may include a red, itchy vulva, pain when urinating, and a cottage cheese resembling yeast-like smelling discharge.

Clotrimazole CreamWhile Thrush is not serious you will want to get this cleared up as soon as possible. Again you can buy Canestest which will determine if you have thrush. If this is the outcome there are a number of treatments available to by over the counter or from a Pharmacy. A single dose of Fluconazole taken orally and cream for external use to relieve the burning, red, itchy skin called Clotrimazole cream (branded version is Canesten Duo) is usually enough to clear up your standard thrush outbreak. The tablet and cream can be used for your partner also.


Clotrimazole PessaryHowever, if your symptoms are particularly severe or you have had thrush less than 6 months before you should visit your GP.

You can purchase internal pessaries which a single dose of Clotrimazole 500mg is usually enough to rid those of the infection within 3-4 days. If symptoms persist after this time then you should seek medical advice from your doctor and never increase the dose without their recommendation.


Are Foods To Blame (High in Alkaline)

Your vagina is naturally highly acidic and as some may know that eating asparagus can turn your pee green they may not be aware it can also make your vagina taste foul too! Everyone should eat their 5 a day yet if you are having issues with strong scents or a complaint of the flavour from your partner; here are some fruits and veggies to avoid which are very high in alkali








Fresh Coconut





Runner Beans





New Potato





Sweet Potato


Femfresh WipesConsuming green tea, pineapple, kiwi, cranberry and mango have been known to sweeten the smell and taste of your vagina. Avoid alcohol and smoking as this can give a yeasty-ashy taste too. You can purchase Femfresh Cleansing Wipes to freshen, gently cleanse and deodorise your intimate area daily.